S & G Tool Aid 18920 Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Kit- 5 Piece

I wanted talk more about the S&G Tool Aid terminal crimping kit. I did a quick preview in this post , but I wanted to expand on my thoughts after using it for a lot of recent wiring. Over the years I think I’ve bought half a dozen terminal crimpers trying to find something that is somewhat affordable, but produces quality crimps. So far this is the best I’ve found. I’ve used it on several Delphi Metri-Pack connectors from 630 down to 150 and it has been great. 

Here is the crimper itself with the storage case, information sticker, and the interchangeable jaws.

20170728_232441311_iOS     20170728_232436615_iOS     20170729_000619714_iOS

Changing the jaws is straightforward, just need a flat or Philips (I prefer a Philips) screwdriver to remove the retaining bolt and slide the jaw out and the new one in and tighten.

20170728_233028509_iOS     20170728_233041018_iOS     

Here’s a big 12ga Metri-Pack 630 crimp, to me it’s pretty much spot on.

And here is a Metri-Pack 150 series (both sealed and unsealed) using 20ga wire, also very nice.


Here is an example on an insulated terminal, I do not use these much, but it works well for these too!

20170728_233255086_iOS     20170728_233352718_iOS     20170728_233158645_iOS     20170728_233503571_iOS


Anyway, not much more you can write about a terminal crimper, but if you’re looking for a quality, reasonably priced, made in USA tool this is for you.

I picked mine up through Amazon, please use this link to make your purchase and support the site

Thanks for reading!


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