Time Capsule

August 30, 2020 Raymond B 0

If you want a basically new 1994 Ford Lightning check out this eBay auction https://ebay.to/2Z5rcTB only 5400 miles!

Finally, progress!

May 5, 2020 Raymond B 0

After 19 years of being apart, it’s finally running! 1995 Ford F-150 Lightning 427w small block Ford, Megasquirt MS3/3X v 3.57, distributorless coil near plug, ID 1700 injectors, E4OD using Quick 4, etc, etc

Jamie's White Lightning

Spookfest 2019 Cecil County Dragway

October 26, 2019 Raymond B 0

Bunch of Lightning guys got together and rented Cecil County Dragway for a great get together, details are here. Sad I missed it, planning on being there next year if at all possible! A few pictures, I’ll add more as I gather them.

Auto Stop Start Eliminator

Best $40.00 I’ve spent in a while…

June 8, 2019 Raymond B 0

So after 16 years my old truck was close to giving up the ghost. Treated myself to a new 2019 F-150, but it had one thing that annoyed the heck out of me. Auto stop/start! I don’t know why, but this feature (really for MPG) drives me crazy. Enter the […]

Some Overdue Updates

October 5, 2017 Raymond B 0

Look for a write up on this when it is 100% finished, but here’s a preview of the Carbon Fiber relay/fuse center I just finished.  

Coming Soon!

August 3, 2017 Raymond B 0

Part 1 of a 2 part series Megasquirt CAN based gauges using a Nextion touch screen display. Part 2 will show a custom enclosure with 3 Nextion displays!!!