I hope this thing is worth it…

July 25, 2017 Raymond B 0

Needed a good way to seal up the branches of my wiring harness. Raychem seems to be the only game in town for quality Made in USA heat shrink boots, but $31.00 ugh! Pics soon™  

Wiring has started…

July 22, 2017 Raymond B 0

Spent the day trying not to burst in to flames, OMG hot! Managed to make a little progress on the engine bay wiring.   Started with this. Mid way through, closeups of injector and coil connectors. Testing placement, loom and other cleanup will be later    

From fancy Delphi to something that just works…

July 20, 2017 Raymond B 0

Originally I spent a pile of money on a fancy Delphi “mil-spec” connector to run my Megasquirt. Just ended up getting frustrated with the quality of some of the tools (I am looking at you stupid plastic pin remover that I bought like 4 times…) and overall price of the […]

Fuel and oil pressure sensors

July 19, 2017 Raymond B 0

Picked a couple of these up, apparently a lot of the Megasquirt guys have reported issues with the cheap Ebay GM knock off units. They are a bit pricey, but made well and apparently very accurate. We shall see. AEM Pressure Sensors  

Picked up a new crimper

July 18, 2017 Raymond B 0

Love this thing, used it on some Metri-Pack 630 connectors. One pass crimps S & G Tool Aid 18920 Ratcheting Terminal Crimping Kit- 5 Piece Coils Works well on non-insulated butt connectors too    

1995 Ford Lightning

July 7, 2017 Raymond B 0

I bought this truck new in 1995, it has sat for over 15 years after I hurt the motor. Now I am trying (slowly) to get it back on the road. A Lightning Revival        

Photobucket can die in a fire…

July 7, 2017 Raymond B 0

So yeah, I’ve been using them for several years to host images of all kinds, but mainly to document a few of my vehicle builds. Well with pretty much no warning PB up and decided to not allow “3rd party hosting”. I get it, they have bills to pay and […]