Time Capsule

August 30, 2020 Raymond B 0

If you want a basically new 1994 Ford Lightning check out this eBay auction https://ebay.to/2Z5rcTB only 5400 miles!

Finally, progress!

May 5, 2020 Raymond B 0

After 19 years of being apart, it’s finally running! 1995 Ford F-150 Lightning 427w small block Ford, Megasquirt MS3/3X v 3.57, distributorless coil near plug, ID 1700 injectors, E4OD using Quick 4, etc, etc

Please Help Save the NLOC

February 9, 2020 Raymond B 0

The NLOC has been around over 20 years and has been instrumental in developing an awesome community around both Generation 1 and 2 Ford Lightning trucks. We are trying to raise enough money to purchase the site content, domain name, software upgrades,and 2 years worth of web hosting. This will […]

Jamie's White Lightning

Spookfest 2019 Cecil County Dragway

October 26, 2019 Raymond B 0

Bunch of Lightning guys got together and rented Cecil County Dragway for a great get together, details are here. Sad I missed it, planning on being there next year if at all possible! A few pictures, I’ll add more as I gather them.

Auto Stop Start Eliminator

Best $40.00 I’ve spent in a while…

June 8, 2019 Raymond B 0

So after 16 years my old truck was close to giving up the ghost. Treated myself to a new 2019 F-150, but it had one thing that annoyed the heck out of me. Auto stop/start! I don’t know why, but this feature (really for MPG) drives me crazy. Enter the […]

What to do When Your Old House is a WiFi Black Hole

February 1, 2019 Raymond B 0

At times my passion for tech and my house are at odds. The latest struggle is for solid Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in the house. This has become very important as I’ve had to work from home due to a knee injury. Working from home is great and all, but I […]

Speaking of Crypto, How Do You Manage Your Portfolio?

February 19, 2018 Raymond B 0

After much searching I finally found the right tool for the job. CoinTracking is an excellent full featured app. Trades are easy to import and it has several levels including free! Click here to get 10% off https://cointracking.info?ref=R130242 Besides a fancy portfolio app you also need to keep your coins […]

Bitcoin Mining Continued — ASIC

February 6, 2018 Raymond B 0

This post will discuss ASIC based miners. These are currently the latest technology in the ongoing evolution of mining hardware. Primarily ASIC are used to mine SHA256 based coins, Bitcoin (BTC) being the most prominent along with Bitcoin Cash (BCH). There are others, but again I am going to go […]